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Biomapas - Get to Know the Project

Being in several ecosystems, getting to know the wealth of their fauna and flora is a unique opportunity Petrobras wants to share with you. The experience of diving into these environments, learning about the animals and plants in harmony with people around them, shows that our commitment to biodiversity also comes from the admiration and respect we have for these places.

Is it actually possible to explore and produce oil with respect for the environment? We have proved it is. In addition to supporting environmental projects, we give examples of sustainable actions in our activities. We work to minimize our impacts, make partnerships, get to know and map information that was often not known. Sharing this mapping with you is a way of strengthening our passion to confirm our commitment to preserving the environment.



About Marine Coast

Imagine how it would be to be able to live in the sea, mingling with all the creatures that make of sea life one of the greatest riches of our planet, to learn about each species, get to know their differences and habits. Petrobras has this opportunity every day, and now you can have it too, with Biomaps. Our commitment to preserving marine biodiversity comes from living near, and from the love we have for these species. That is why we want to monitor and learn all we can about them, through scientific studies that allowed this mapping to be carried out. In this first part, you can get to know whales, dolphins, porpoises, and turtles in the places where they were found in our expeditions. You can also see the marine conservation projects we support. Are you ready to dive?



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